BXP - Euro Style Phase Failure Relay

BXP - Euro Style Phase Failure Relay

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Application: Phase Failure Relay:
The BXP offers a choice of single phase 2 wire, three phase 3 wire or three phase 4 wire Supply Monitoring Relay and is designed to protect mains operated equipment against Phase Under-Voltage. Options are available to include Phase Imbalance, Phase Rotation, Phase Loss, Neutral Loss (4 wire versions) and Thermistor protection.

The family of products is designed to be aesthetically pleasing whilst economical, din rail mounting and has an enclosure to the European style ready for mounting in a control panel, individually or in a mcb style service centre. It is user friendly with an easy to set, very accurately calibrated voltage scale.The image shows a  3 phase 4 wire version with adjustable undervoltage and SPCO contact. reference BXP4000,however, to add imbalance and  phase rotation change the reference number to BXP4003.


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Product Ref Supply VoltageSupply PhasesU/V TripO/V TripPhase ImbalancePhase RotationNeutral ShiftTrip Delay Timeabout trip delay timeTimer TypeThermistor Over-TempRelay ContactsEnclosure Typeabout enclosure types
BXP2000add to basket200-250Vac1 PhAdjustableNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardNo1 pole C/O9
BXP2100add to basket200-250Vac1 PhFixedNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardNo1 pole C/O9
BXP3000add to basket360-440Vac3 PhAdjustableNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardNo1 pole C/O9
BXP3100add to basket360-440Vac3 PhFixedNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardNo1 pole C/O9
BXP3200add to basket360-440Vac3 PhAdjustableNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardYes1 pole C/O10
BXP4000add to basket360-440Vac3 Ph & NAdjustableNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardNo1 pole C/O9
BXP4100add to basket360-440Vac3 Ph & NFixedNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardNo1 pole C/O9
BXP4200add to basket360-440Vac3 Ph & NAdjustableNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardYes1 pole C/O10
BXP4300add to basket360-440Vac3 Ph & NFixedNoNoNoNo0.5-10 secsStandardYes1 pole C/O1

Trip Delay Timer
Where fitted the ‘Trip Delay Timer’ will inhibit the output contacts from releasing immediately a fault is detected.
The trip delay time is adjustable up to either 10 or 30 seconds depending on the model and will be either a ‘Standard’ delay or a ‘True’ delay type.
The 'Standard' delay type will require around 50% nominal supply voltage to be maintained for its operation, in the case of a total loss of power the unit
will trip with a minimal delay of approximately 0.5 seconds. This type of timer will allow the unit to ride through a short term voltage dip but not a total
power loss.
The 'True' delay timer is not dependent on the supply voltage for its operation. The timing function will be available in the case of either a partial or total
supply failure. This type of timer will allow the unit to ride through either a short term voltage dip or a total loss of power lasting up to 30 seconds.
Power On Delay Timer
Where fitted, the ‘Power On Delay Timer’ will delay the output contacts from energising immediately the supply voltage is applied to the unit for a period
of up to 30 seconds.
The supply voltage will have to satisfy the conditions set by the supply monitoring relay for a healthy supply continuously for the ‘Power On Delay’ timing
period before the output contacts will energise.
If the unit detects a fault and releases the output contacts the supply voltage will once again have to satisfy the requirements of a healthy supply continuously
for the ‘Power On Delay’ timing period before the output contacts will re-energise.